Friday 9 April 2010

Renovation everywhere!!

How's your week been?? Well, I just have so much news for you today, I am not really sure where to start, so how about the beginning?? lol!
First up I am pleased to announce that SU! is planning a change, well has been planning for 2 years, that's 2 years of research into colours in fashion, home decor, focus groups with demos, customers and SU! experts, and now it's time for a Colour Renovation! whoop whoop! This is fantastic news, Why? I hear you ask, well in it's most basic form it means that we will finally be getting the same colours as our US friends, yes, the same new core colours from October, when we get our new catalogue, they will be known from October as "Colour Collections".
Next big announcement is we will also be getting In Colours! 5 new colours which will be available for 2 years, with a new set coming out every year! OMG! how fab! fashionable, trendy colours for just as long as they are "in" and then brand new ones when they go out! It doesn't get much better does it??
So what are the colours?
Now as you may have guessed to make way for all the yummy new colours we inevitably have to say good-bye to some of the current ones, below are those that are off for good, but don't panic, you still have 6 months to stock up on your card stock, ink pads and matching accessories!
And finally for today I will just share with anyone who doesn't already know I am having a lot of renovation too, on my house that is! I had a new front window fitted yesterday (pics to follow) and in the next month or so they are starting an extension too! Now, I will keep you posted on the progress of it as we go along and I am really hoping when it starts to still blog (mostly) everyday as I will have finished my part of the work which I have been doing now for weeks, sorting, clearing and generally de-cluttering, so my blog posts should become more regular again,
Thanks for being here with me at this exciting time, both with SU! and indoors too ;-)
Hugs Sarah-Jane xxx

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