Monday, 19 September 2011

How to tie a Bow Video Tutorial

Hello there,
I have made, as promised, my first ever video tutorial on tying bows! I hope it makes sense and you enjoy it, please do let me know what you think and if you think I should make any more, or perhaps never again?!! Lol!
 I must also give credit to my DH for editing this for me, good job he does this all day at work ;-)
the direct link is HERE just incase this doesn't work!! ;-)
and here are the finished cards
Thanks for stopping by today,
from slightly nervous from Southampton!


  1. Excellent, clear vid tutorial, thanks S-J. I really struggle with tying bows.

  2. WOW Sarah-Jane!!! Great tutorial (as usual ;-) ) and it's nice to finally hear your voice!!! ^_^ ..Hugs!!! Ge

  3. Thank you so much..I stumbled upon your blog while idly surfing the internet and am so glad I did.I had been struggling with bow tying ,could never get a neat bow.Mine look so much better now.Hopefully I will get it as nice as yours soon.It sure is fun practising


Thank-You for any comments you may leave, I appreciate the time it takes to do so and I love to read them all :)

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