Sunday, 12 March 2017

A "Basket Bunch" with Watercolour Stripes Card - with Tips

If you don't follow me on Instagram, then why not?! He, he. That's where I post all the fun, 'what's happening right now' pictures ;-)  Like just the other day you will have seen me painting these stripes and colouring the mini eggs too - and this is the card that I made using them! I'm also totally in love with this little Easter set "Basket Bunch" that I only got this week, I'm already so happy I did ;-) see.....
All the white card I used here is shimmer card which is just lovely for watercolouring - I'm so loving watercolouring still!
TIP: I used Memento ink to stamp, this is perfect for watercolouring and it doesn't stain your photopolymer stamps. I know! I didn't realise this till very recently either. Just remember to leave it to dry completely before adding any water.
 So, here is the picture I shared on Instagram, it's a little blurry on here because it's from my phone but I wanted to quickly share the brush and technique I used to get these stripes.
How To: This paintbrush brush is a flat ended, very inexpensive brush that I already had here (it's a little scratchy, if I'm honest), but it did work perfectly fine for these stripes. I used the ink pad lid and gathered a pool of ink in the top by pressing the bottom of the pad into the lid when it was closed, spritz in a couple of pumps of water to loosen the ink and then using a wet brush I simply drew stripes across. If your stripes are a little pale add more ink to the watery area in the lid and go over them before they dry. I then dried the card with my heat tool. I didn't tape it down or anything as it was a little experiment that I ended up liking (a lot) and as I heat dried it that flattened it out just fine. You could of course do that (and possibly should) but I found it worked fine for me without doing that. And that's all there is to it! If you'd like a quick video let me know and I'll see what I can do and I haven't forgotten I promised a video on my concertina card, it's on my "to do" list :-)
OK, one last picture today for you today.
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  1. Love this idea. I do like a striped background and to be able to do it in whatever colour I want sounds great. I do love your videos, love you're easygoing style and learn a lot from you. Looks like you’re to do list is getting rather long. Take care Sarah-Jane.

  2. Cute card and thank you for sharing the tip on how to make the background too! Simple and easy, love it!!


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