Thursday 16 July 2009

Zacks performance

Well, I didn't quite finish the teachers cards, but I am working on getting them finished by this afternoon. As the title suggests I have been out this morning to Zack's pre-school show.
Surprisingly not sad at all, I didn't cry or anything- how brave am I??!!! {I think it will be worse when he actually starts school and isn't here all day!}
He is such a lively character usually, chatty and bubbly- but he
hates the whole standing in front of parents etc and singing! he was so shy and nervous (he gets this side from me, his dad can stand in front of anyone and talk, I would curl up with embarrassment!) Here he is walking into the hall looking round to find us...

and after the songs standing with each of us....

My baby, going to big school !!! I am so proud of him ;0)

Right must get finished as it is his last day tomorrow, they have a party, I will be back later with some pictures of what I (hopefully) get done :0)


Sarah-Jane xx


  1. Hellooooooo Sarah-Jane, nice to see you,to see you.... Loving all your new pictures and what a smasher your liitle (or not so little) one is.

    Hope you get to finish everything :D

  2. Ooh, what lovely pictures! And what gorgeous eyes Zack has! He's is going to get all the girlies in a couple of years with those beauties! ~♥~

  3. OOooo Lovely photos SJ, nice to see you properly!!! He has so got your eyes!!!!!! Gorgeous, Jules x


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