Thursday, 13 July 2017

Large Letter Alphabet for Dad's!

I remembered I hadn't shared the Father's Day cards, that I made for both our dad's, with you! Sorry ;-) So, I know it's (long) past Dad's day but I figure it would be very easy to change the sentiment to suit a birthday or whatever occasion to suit you?
I went with a Black and Grey teamed with Emerald Envy for a pop of colour, take a look....
 So, confession time. Emerald Envy was not my favourite colour and you may have noticed I don't use it too often, but like this? I love it!
 So much so that I actually ordered a new pack as I used the last of what I had for these cards.
 I added some little off cuts of paper to the inside to decorate.
 I'm trying to step out of my (colour) comfort zone, what do you think??
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