Monday 30 March 2009

Zoe's bike

Hello again,
Thought I would share this picture of Zoe on her new bike (This is number 2 !!) We ordered her one from Argos in 20" the same as the one she tried in a shop and put it all together on Friday night, She got up Saturday, sat on it and it was about 3 inches too big, feet not even touching the floor job!!! mad panic into town to get her one that she did fit (arrrrgggghhhh) and this is what she ended up with,

Well alls well that ends well, she is really happy with the bike she ended up with and she has had a lovely weekend of family and friends and a party on Sunday, (Mum and Dad need a week off to recover though !!)
Back tomorrow with a card or two,
Thanks for looking,
Hugs Sarah-Jane xx


  1. Awww bless - what a super cool pressie (a lot of work for mum & dad but worked out in the end lol) Glad she had such a fab weekend, makes it all worth while - just haha xxx


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