Saturday 25 May 2013

This Man- Viola's Lace and how to Un-Mount your wheel stamps tutorial

Hello there!
I have pretty new stamp (to me) today which I loved in the catty called Viola's Lace. 
Now, I love the pattern but I really am not great at getting a good, straight line from wheel stamp. So, my theory is do what you need to to make your stamps work for you! 
So I have unmounted my wheel stamp and added it to Clear Mount Foam and here is a little tutorial sharing how to do the same if you want to too.
This is the card I made using the stamp, it seriously reminded me of my favourite book right now "This Man" by Jodi Ellen Malpas, if you liked Bared To You you'll adore this ;-) 
Anyway, back to the card...
Raspberry Ripple card with Black and Crumb Cake...
 Victorian Crochet Trim bow
 and I love the fact that you can have a proper "end" to the stamp by un-mounting it too!
So here is how to do the same to your wheel stamps...
OK, so I had already done the Lace stamp before I decided to share the deets with you but I had a (retired) Fast Flowers wheel to demo, you also need clear mount foam from SU! (page 7, main catty) 
  To start, find the join and carefully peel at the edge like this.
 Now, get your rubber scissors (or other strong and sharp scissors) and cut along the join.
 Then peel away from the wheel base, this should be really easy!
 Then peel off the excess glue from the rubber.
 Pop the stamp on the foam, remember there is the "cling" side and there is a (very) sticky side, the sticky side is the side you want to adhere your stamp to. Also only peel back the paper liner from the section you will be using to preserve the rest of the foam for later use.
 Pop the paper back over the stamp and crease as close as you can along the edge of the stamp...
 Trim as close to stamp as possible, {the paper stops a lot of the excess glue from gumming up the scissors, as much as is possible anyway}
 Then trim the tiny strip from the sides to neaten, remove the other side of the paper and you're ready to stick  your stamp to your clear block.
 Here is my lace wheel, I also trimmed along the bottom edge as the rubber had a straight edge when it was removed from the wheel. 
TIP 1: I trimmed the rubber first, then adhered it to the foam and trimmed the foam to match the rubber.
TIP 2: remember to use your grid paper to line up the stamp so it's straight-ish across the block and also then use the grid paper lines when you stamp for maximum straight-ness ;-)
Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you found the tutorial today helpful :-)
Stampin' Hugs for today,


  1. Great idea! I was trying to decide if I really wanted the rollers as I don't have the space to store them like I did before I cleaned the office. I don't have extra and can't get the roller storage boxes either. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing - I really love a lot of the rollers but often struggle to get a clean image - will be trying this out:)


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