Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We've got proper snow too!!

I just had to come on and show you we have actually got real snow and it is still coming! now compared to the rest of the country this is all probably very boring but here in the very South of England I have really never seen snow like this in the 24 years I have lived down here!! and my kids definitely haven't! woooo hoooooo!!!
Here is my back garden,
my bamboo outside the back door can't even stand up straight
and here is view out of Josh's window to the front--the car you can see is Neil going to pick up the ids, Josh was sent home about 1/2 hr ago and now the other 2 schools are shutting too,
We are just wondering now if Neils little visit to the docs is in question???
Right, back later with a card, I have been a busy bee the last few days, but first we are going to get changed and go and make a snowman, got to get the flasks out ready for when we have finished!! mmm kids love hot chocolate :0)
Bye for now, Sarah-Jane xxx

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  1. glad you are enjoyin the snow... its brilliant when it 1st comes down... i will ask you in a week or 2 if your still enjoyin it.. i have used muscles i ddnt know i had when walkin the dogs.. its sooo different to walk in... then normal..
    where is the snowman..??? didnt see one there.. you better get the kids out to make


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