Thursday 19 February 2009

Sorry and a card

Hi Folks !

First of all an apology for not posting anything for ages... sorry !!! No excuses, just been having fun with the kiddies. I have however, got a card to show you- yey! This one is another for Josh only this time it's from us.

This card is a proper recycled jobby !! I made the pop up style like here only this time I enlarged it quite a bit, which I discovered is O.K. if you wont need to post it as I had to strengthen it with extra card so it stood up (fine for this luckily !!) The main star wars mask is actually a tag off a jumper I bought Josh for Christmas, which I threaded with some silver thread (also from a label from a top I had!) and then glued on another piece of card to the back to cover it, and then trimmed round the edges !! Light sabers made from straws with silver card round (incase you couldn't guess!!) Die cut lettering and arrows and punched stars, from holographic card with stars on, 'cause that doesn't show very well on the photo.

Thanks for stopping by and I do have some more to show you tomorrow,

Hugs and hope you are all enjoying 1/2 term too !

Sarah-Jane xx

P.S. Scroll down to see the other card I made for Josh, which won the prize on CCC !!


  1. This is a totally amazing project it is fantastic, WOW. My cameron would love it he is a total Star Wars Fan. Love it Sarah-Jane, Thanks for your comment this morning, J+Hugs and Wishes Sarah B X

  2. Hi, there is something for you over at my blog, Sarah B X

  3. Brilliant card and great recycling! Is there an award somewhere for that?

  4. WOW!
    Great Star Wars card....Bet Josh was thrilled with it?!
    WD you on recycling the tag from his jumper (I keep things like that too & then can't find them when I need them....Lol)
    TC - Mar x

  5. OMG that's terrific!! Lucky Josh & how clever of you to recycle that tag :) xxx

  6. what a wonderful project... i love your idea of keepin the tag off a jumper...!!!! now i def think you have done your bit for the enviroment this week...!!! i love it....


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