Sunday 22 February 2009


Hello to everyone who entered my candy giveaway !!

First of all thank-you for coming to visit me and I hope you will keep coming back even though the candy is finished, and don't forget I love to read your comments. I will try to get round some more of your blogs in the next week. As my hits have jumped from nearly 1000 at the begining of this draw to over 2000, I feel more candy coming soon...

On the left here is a piccie of my eldest, Josh, with the bowl of numbers...

Right is him drawing the winners number, very techie this was, as you will see in a mo...

And finally here is the winning number...... 4,
so well done to.......

######## Wendy #######

Right Wendy, you need to email me your address so I can get your candy sent to you ASAP (email in the side bar). You have 'till Midnight wed to get in touch or I will have to re-draw !!!

Well Done Wendy,

Hugs, Sarah-Jane xxxx


  1. Well done Wendy, it's always great to see people you know win fab stash.

  2. Well Done Wendy!
    Thanks for offering such fab candy Sarah-Jane.
    Great pics of Josh doing the draw!
    Thanks also for your e-mail reply....Much appreciated ;-)
    TC - Mar x

  3. thanks sarah jane , i have sent you an email with my addy.
    had an awful headache all afternoon, been laying down trying to sleep this has cheered me up so much
    very happy wendy


Thank-You for any comments you may leave, I appreciate the time it takes to do so and I love to read them all :)

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