Saturday 24 March 2012

Pop Out Card Tutorial

First warning, VERY picture heavy post, you may well need a cuppa for this one!
Well, here I am finally with the tutorial to make this card! Again, I must say this is NOT my idea, I have just changed the measurements from inches to centimetres as I couldn't do it in inches ;-) HERE is the original and brilliant tutorial with a video too but I do hope that my centimetre version is a help to somebody. Just for info, this card also fits in SU! square envelopes too ;-)
 So, to begin, cut your 12"x12" DSP down to 30cm x 24cm
 score along the 30cm side at 3,9, 21 and 27cm
 score the shorter 24cm side at 6cm and 18cm
fold in along the 30cm side as shown here,
 unfold again
 and then fold in the two score lines along the 24cm side
Unfold again and trim off the points diagonally along the corner scored rectangles
 Fold back in as you did at first
 then fold up at the bottom
 and then the top comes down too
 take a corner like so
 and fold the top free corner down to the centre, do this on both sides to make a point, repeat at the top also
once creased unfold to get this shape
 take a corner...
OK this is where it gets tricky to explain! Push this point in to make a box shape
 and fold the sticky out corner around the box
 like this!
 repeat the other end to meet under where the flap is 
 and fold down the flap to secure, no adhesive needed
This is what you should have now which stands like this
 Take a piece of thick card (I used the backing card from SU! DSP) and cut it to 19cm x 1.5cm, score at 6cm and 15cm
 fold to make a "Z"
 and adhere inside as shown (not the other way up like I did at first!)
 take an 11cm square piece of Very Vanilla card and write your message now, then adhere it inside the box
 add decoration to the pop up "Z"  I used the new 2+3-8" scallop circle and Four Frames stamps with matching punch
to close fold the pop up in like so
 and when it stands the point holds it up too
 to make the belly band take a 4cm x 26.5cm piece of soft suede card
Hold the end, slightly overlapping the gap at the front, and bend it around the box
 add a dab of glue and adhere to make the band
 add a topper to cover the seam
 and the card is finished!
PHEW!! That was a long one wasn't it!!
I hope you stuck it out and it was useful to you perhaps?
Thanks for visiting, I'm off for a cuppa in the sun now!
Happy stampin' to you today :-)


  1. Sara Jane ....thank you so much for this tutorial I shall have to have a go at this one .
    Beautiful card and so beautifully Made . You are a treasure thanks again Hugs elaine

  2. Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. This is great Sara Jane, I will have a go at this over next few days, thanks nicky

  4. Wow, what a fantastic tutorial. So clear - thanks Sarah-Jane! ~x~

  5. I have managed to complete the box - eventually! It was a mixture of the video (in inches) and your diagrams - my score board is only inches! I was just having a go as I would like to make a 'proper' on for my God-daughter's 40th birthday - will send you a picture. Will use it as a gift box for some money! Your tutorial was great!!

  6. That's a super tutorial. Thank you for the inspiration xx

  7. Sis-in-law Chris wanted to make one of these and I didn't know how to do this - will be able to impress her now!!
    Will post when I have made one - and link back to you!!

    You are so kind to share your know-how and I really do appreciate it.


  8. thanks so much for this - shall now add the inches measurements I scrawled down from the video beside your pix! Find the printed version so much easier to follow than a video, esp as sound dodgy on my ancient computer

  9. I am Kates's Sis-in-law, Chris,and we have just finished making a box using your tutorial. Thanks for sharing. We will post these on our blogs and link back to you. Hope you think ours is as nice as yours!

  10. Hi SJ - well Chris and I had a go at this and if you pop on over to my blog you can see my efforts - I am quite pleased with it - Have linked back to your blog!
    Thanks ever so much - really appreciate your hard work!


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