Monday, 8 April 2013

Stitched ribbon rose tutorial in two sizes!

Hello there,
I have the ribbon rose tutorial I promised you the other day to share with you today.
 I made these cute little roses to fit on the Dress up framelits dress for last months Stampers club kit. 
I know I have made a few of these before but I must say they work really well with this ribbon, it's a perfect thickness and so easy with the white stitching too ;-)
First of all here are a couple of the roses on the dress, I think the smaller size fits better on the dress so I will start with that one first...
Designer Paper is from the Print Poetry stack and can be found HERE in the Spring/Summer catty
 So, begin with a 1/2" circle of card (any colour will work as you will cover it completely) and a length of ribbon that is approx 11cm long with a knot at one end
 grab a  hold of the white stitching running along the centre and pull the ribbon to 7cm. Knot the white thread at 8cm then pull the ribbon back to the knot
cover the card circle in red line tape 
 remove the tape and twist the knot tightly ready to stick it to the centre of the circle
with the knot in the centre follow the knot around sticking the ribbon as you go, DO NOT twist the ribbon as you go, keep the same ribbon edge at the bottom, next to the circle
here it is all wound up,
 pop another piece of tape on the bottom now you know where the end of the ribbon will be, trim excess away and stick the end of the ribbon to the underside.
and there you have it, a couple of not very in focus roses ;-)
Now, I will admit these roses are a bit fiddly as they are so small but they work so well in this size, perfect to go on the dress.  
 I do actually think though that the rose looks even better when made a bit bigger, see it here on a 3/4" circle... So, I have made another tutorial for that one too! The basic principle is the same of course, you just need the  larger measurements to make this one...
First, a 3/4" circle as you know and this time a 25cm length of stitched ribbon
 pull the ribbon to approx 14cm and knot at 15cm, pull the ribbon back, as before, to the full 15cm.
 Use red line tape, I didn't here for speed and I have had to re-stick this one too many times already! Start in the centre as before and stick the ribbon around the knot
 secure at the back to finish
to make this ribbon rose. I still haven't used this one on a card yet but I will be sure to share it with you as soon as I get one made with it on!!
OK, I hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial??! and I will be back with more cardy ideas tomorrow.
Please do share your version of this rose if you make it, I love to see othr peoples makes :-))))
Thanks for visiting today,
Stampin' Hugs from me!


  1. You make it look simple! I am all thumbs! With enough practice maybe I will finally get mine to look as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the roses, thanks for the tutorial, I will definitely have a go!


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