Friday 13 June 2014

My Craft Room!

Hello there,
OK, so fair warning here, there are a lot of pictures for you to see in this post and if you click on them you can see them larger, if you have any questions or queries then please do contact me and I hope you like my craft space!
Right, before I start with my new, updated craft room THIS is what it look like some 3 and a bit years ago, I didn't have quite as much stuff then and therefore it was actually tidy like this.
My craft room is off the kitchen so it's a perfect place for me to be and still be close to the children, plus I can of course close the door to it and leave my stuff out when I'm in the middle of creating!
OK, this is what it ended up looking like once I began to purchase a "few" more things ;-)
First picture is as you walk in, the door is behind you. To the right of my desk we finally managed to save enough, after 3 years, to have the cupboard built across where the old table was.
I was fed up with my stamps being behind me all the time so I usually had a stack of the ones I wanted to use on my desk! I decided against wallpaper in the end and I still have to paint the cupboard.
Think I should have tidied a bit before taking the "before" pics, *embarrassed face* 
Cupboard and behind me...
 So, moving swiftly onwards this is what my room looks like now! I chopped the worktop down so I could get my paper drawers in at the end next to each other and my next purchase is to be a new swivel chair and I'll re-locate the bench. Shelves are from IKEA, most of the rest I already had though.
 this is where I sit, my grid paper is in front of the ink pads
 with labels
to the right of where I sit
my relatively tidy cupboard, this is closed usually as most of the things in here are used rarely
cupboard closed and tidy ;-)
 The cupboard behind me, the door to kitchen is to the right of this.
 I want to paint it in cream and pale grey, later this summer...
 and to the left of my desk I have a lovely 50's Formica table over my drawers. I pop scraps of card in the Cropper Hopper (behind tool caddy) before I file them back away in their drawers.
 and with labels
OK, I hope you have enjoyed this look around? If I have missed anything or you have nay questions please comment here and I'll get back to you asap,
Thanks for visiting with me today ;-)
Stampin' Hugs,


  1. My area looks messy-but I know where everything is when I want it. Looks bad to those who don't paper craft.

  2. LOL! I'm glad you didn't tidy up! Makes me feel happy that I'm not the only one with lots of goodies at my fingertips! Your room looks amazing!

  3. Your before pictures are tidier than my craft room at present (I'm ashamed to say), I hope to get to tidying some time, but it is just such an overwhelming task! Have a great weekend! Hazel xx


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