Sunday 31 January 2010

A little late.... but a winner!

Good Evening all,
Well, I have been a little slow in drawing this, I know, sorry about that ;0)
anyway, better late than never eh?? lol!!
So would you please join me in congratulating......

Commenter number 8! which by my counting is Ruby! Well Done my dear, I will post out to you tomorrow, I already have your addy, Well Done xxx
Thanks to you all for joining in with my celebrations, I am going to be having a little clear out in the next couple of weeks so keep 'em peeled a la Shaw Taylor! lol, do you remember that? he he :-)
Bye for now, Hugs Sarah-Jane xxx


  1. Ooh, no way! I've won something!!! Unbelievable! Thanks SJ, I am really looking forward to receiving it!! :o)

  2. Hi SJ. I got my little parcel today, thank you! I am really pleased with it. Such a nice surprise to win something! I love the little card you sent with it, I don't remember seeing that here on your blog. Gorgeous!


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