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5 Cards with the Circles Thinlits. FREE Full Tutorials with my top tips included!

I am here today with the tutorial I promised you. I wanted to get full value for money with this die set and so came up with several ways to use the Circles Thinlits dies to make both flip cards an easel style and a gift card holder as well, but just so you know this is a l-o-n-g post, so please, grab a cuppa and enjoy! ;-)
Please note: This tutorial is in a mixture of centimetres and inches 
*Please, click on any picture to see it larger*
My first TOP TIP for you is: use relatively new cutting plates ie: ones without too many lines in them as you will be seeing both sides of the card once folded,
Cards 1 & 2
Now, onto cutting: you can get 2 standard cards from one sheet of A4 card, simply cut it in half at 14.8cm, and die cut each piece like so, you have a small-ish band of waste at the bottom but it's a usable sized piece so it's not all bad ;-)
 This will give you cards like these, to get the flipped circle at the bottom of your card simply turn over the die cut shape and work with the "rear", folding accordingly 
 Now, to make your paper fit around the flip area simply cut to size and run through with the die again.
The paper will be 13.3cm high by (L-R) 5cm and 7cm wide.

TOP TIP: Make sure you butt the inside edges up to the very edge of the die. Also make sure your patterns match and are the same way up. 

Also ensure that both pieces are at the same height with an even border all around before you cut, remember there is no moving the paper around on the card front once you have cut!
 Now, lets make this die really work for it's money!!
Card 3
First we have a tri-fold card. No I didn't "invent" this myself, there are quite a few  tons of other tutorials out there on the www, but I have tweaked all these measurements 'till I found the easiest way I thought was possible!!
So, the measurements you need for this are 8.5 inches x 5+7/16 inch. Now, I know a lot of other tutorials say 5+1/2" but I found I struggled to get the card to slot in the die at this width so I trimmed a bit away, then a bit more 'till I took a whole 1/16" away, this way the edges don't snag and look untidy (bad) and it fits through the die like a dream (good!) ;-)))
TOP TIP: I know it seems obvious but remember to keep the bottom of the card over the top of the die, I can't tell you how many times I forgot and cut the bottom section away too when I was practising!
Feed the card up from the front and bottom to make this easier and also there is less chance of chopping the bottom off too!
 and this makes this card. Trim the first two panels of DSP with the die as before with the last section (whole piece) the measuring 13.3cm x 6cm wide, (panel widths L-R: 5cm, 7cm and 6cm)
Card 4
And now, even more value for money an easel card too! 
This idea is all my own. I designed it for my class as I wanted to share how many ways this die can be used, please remember to link back here if you use or blog this idea, thank-you for your understanding.
So, the dimensions are the same as before (5+7/16" x 8.5"), slide in from the bottom 'till the card is butted up to the top edge 
<<<<< (this picture showing the rear of die)

the front just showing where you have just the smallest circle section showing like so....
Remember to leave the bottom section over top of the die!
Again, feed the card up from the front and bottom to make this easier
this is what you will get, reinforce the folds inwards with a bone folder, 
the only section actually cut should be the smallest half circle
and the panels for this card measure 13.3cm x 8.5cm for the top piece and 13.3cm x 6cm for the inside.
Die cut the larger piece making sure the side and bottom edges are even again and the card or paper is just at the top of the small circle.
This should be what you have once cut
 the sides of the circle will only be scored, you need to trim away along the score lines
 to end up with this, decorate as you like now
The top piece butts right up along the folded edge with a small 5mm gap around the sides and bottom, the bottom section has a 5mm gap all around, I will post more pics on this tomorrow ;-)
Card 5
So, finally for today I have a Gift Card Holder too!! 
This is also my own design and I would love for you to use it I just again I ask if you do use this tutorial that you link back to me on this blog, thanks again :-)

The measurements to make this Gift Card Holder are as follows: 
7+1/2" x 5+7/16"
<<<<<< Die cut the same as Easel card

To get this.... which is just the same as before but with a shorter end, reinforce score lines with your bone folder

 Repeat the die cutting for the top section from the easel card (13.3cm x 8.5cm) and cut a piece 13.3cm x 3.8cm for the inside, decorate each piece (or use DSP for speed ;-))
 add tape to each end of the inside small flap to hold the gift card
to make this pocket, add the decorated the small white card to the front of the pocket. You could also add a message here if desired :-)
 Side view of the Holder
 secure closed with a ribbon bow (or knot for a male)
Phew!!! That was one almighty post!! My thanks for sticking with me!
If this post has you wanting this fabulous and versatile die (and who wouldn't!?) then please do visit it at my shop HERE
I really hope that today's tutorial is useful to you and I look forward to seeing your creations too :-)
Thanks for visiting,
Stampin' Hugs,


  1. I have bee holding off purchasing this thinlit. However, your wonderful collection of card ideas is very convincing. I especially like your easel card!

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. I have bee holding off purchasing this thinlit. However, your wonderful collection of card ideas is very convincing. I especially like your easel card!

    Thanks for sharing your talent.


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