Thursday 20 January 2011

Stamp Room Guided Tour!

As I may have mentioned we had an extension put on this last year ;-) and finally we have it (sort of) finished, I still have areas we need more furniture (or less) but we will have to wait 'till funds allow, enough rambling though, I will explain as we go along...
So, as you walk in this is the wall you see first, there is a window on the left hand side and this is the main area I would say, I would like shelves above the punch rails for my stamps eventually :-D. The two cupboards either end of the table (worktop) are just kitchen ones from IKEA and I have left the doors off them as I like to see what I have (or else I forget!) and I am getting a chair on wheels (from a friend -one day soon ;-)) so I can scoot to the cutting area which I will show you next...

and here is the cutting area, I am going in a clockwise direction around the room. I still need to work on this and the next areas as they are still a bit unfinished but they work for now, note colour co-ordinated bowls of smarties, more on that soon..

and this is behind me as I sit at the desk, I often have a kid or husband sat in here watching telly and/or chatting while I craft and all my stamps fit on the unit perfectly,

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek around my tidy (today) craft room, Thanks for stopping by today. I have quite a few cards to be making so must get cracking :-)
A quick reminder about this months class, message me asap to resrve your place,
Stampin' Hugs,


  1. Oh SJ its fabulous!

    good for you

    mandi xx

  2. Beautifull craft room, wish mine was as organised. Think I need to show my Hubby these pics.

  3. Looks like a great place to spend your time. I love it x

  4. Wow SJ, what a lovely craft room......and very tidy too!

  5. What an utterly fabulous craft room you lucky thing :D x


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