Wednesday 13 April 2011

WOYWW! Finally!

Good Morning!
I have finally gotten round to taking a piccie and joining in with WOYWW, I am so excited to go and have a look at others desks but first up here's mine with more than a few sneak peeks here! oopsie! ...
Now, to the untrained eye, I agree, it looks a total mess but believe me, with this great long piece of worktop to create on I usually end up with around an 8" square of clear top to work on, even when I am trying to be tidy! I mean, at the moment there aren't even any stamp sets on here!! I was on the phone to my friend Mandi last night before work and took the (rare) opportunity to tidy whilst I chatted, I expect that very soon it will be a total dump again! So, now I am off to look at your spaces and be suitably shamed into keeping my area tidy!!
Thanks for looking and do pop back soon for lots of easter treat ideas :-)
Stampin' Hugs,


  1. That doesn't look messy at looks a wonderfully creative crafty space. Have fun.
    A x

  2. Oh we at WOYWW love looking at busy desks rather than tidy ones! I love your colorful desk! Patsy from

  3. Hi SJ
    I was always told that a tidy desk was a sign of a sick mind! Keep it messy!


  4. That looks creative to me, not messy!
    Have a lovely Wednesday,
    Karen #102

  5. Not messy chooch, artictic!

    mandi x

  6. nice looking desk. Lots of fun things to play with there! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  7. Hi honey - and welcome to WOYWW!! We all work ourselves into a teensy corner of our desks, that's part of the fun! Loads of gorgeous things to play with on your desk too. Just added myself to your followers! Di x


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