Wednesday 29 June 2011

WOYWW (I hope!)

 What a nightmare last week! Bad blogger just would not upload any pics so here's hoping it works today! and as usual my work desk is *ahem* shall we say, "well loved" this week??
If you have no idea what I am talking about then hop over to Julia's blog to find out more (and see lots of other work spaces too!)
So, here is my desk this week...
I am mid project for the Blog Hop happening right here this Friday and I have 3 birthdays this weekend alone! Plus all the other little things to do makes for a very busy S.J. this week! Stressed? Moi???
Before I go I would like to still share with you what was on my work desk last week as it was a bit special with a new arrival........
This is Murphy! He is our new pup. He is a yorkie-poo and a complete time (I haven't really got) waster ;-) **errm, notice my desk isn't always a bomb site too! he he!
Well that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed your snoop and I will endeavour to get round to as many of you as possible this week :-)
Thanks as always for stopping by today. Please pop back again (Friday for the hop would be good, I have made lots of yummy projects!) but soon if not!
Stampin' Hugs,


  1. Hi Sarah-Jane!!!! WELCOME to Murphy!!!!!!!! You have a new assistant!!!! ^_^ XoXoXoXo Ge

  2. Arrrr how cute - I want one of those for my desk too :D
    Jenny x

  3. Oh my goodness! I want a yorkie-poo! Must. Not. Let. Daughter. See. Yorkie-poo......I think, actually, if you don't mind, that I am going to pin him to a board! Good luck with all your projects...
    Helen S

  4. Isn't he CUTE! Don't you find that no matter how big your craft space is you end up with just this TINY space to work in and a jumble of crafty stash surrounding you where you can't find ANYTHING!!!

  5. S.J I want a Yorkie poo he is gorgeous he could so be my time waster!!!

    Looking forward to the blog hop x x

  6. Well that is one cute assistant - hope you have gun together...
    Hope you will call by Friday for the first My Mojo Monthly. Thanks for sharing today.
    Sarah at 6.

  7. Hi ya
    lovely creative desk, aww how cute is he, gorgeous doggie, happy WOYWW, sue,x (16)

  8. Aw how cute - I could almost want one - but then I am not really a dog lover so I won't, but he is very tempting!!

  9. He is so so cute, and he kept the desk tidy !!!!
    I have a time waster in the shape of a pooch... but wouldn't be without her..

  10. I'm in love....Murphy's too cute for words. the first time I'd heard of these Poo breeds was a couple of weeks ago when our son bought one and they are too adorable for words. Lucky you :-)
    Kathleen x

  11. Murphy is super cute! Your desk, well thats just inspiring - I hate neat desks, they are so not creative.
    Happy WOYWW

  12. Sarah-Jane I don't know what you are talking about, Murphy's perch looks partically spotless to me!
    Kelly xx
    P.s He's so cute!!

  13. Love your new crafting assistant! So cute! LOL! Fab WOYWW! Kim

  14. Awesome desk. I feel the love radiating off of it! I love SU! Can't live without it. Vickie #39

  15. Thank you for your lovely comments for this first time blogger - much appreciated. Lovely pooch!! Sooooo cute xxxx I really like all your projects down the left hand side of this page, esp the spiral flower, lush! xx

  16. Oh I can believe Murphy is a time waster! But he'll relieve you of your stress too! My sister is thinking of getting a dog all because she has high blood pressure and medical studies says animals can help with that. Patsy from

  17. Oh my God!!Sarah this is the cutet pup I have ever seen, Jules did tell me about him and I forgot to check your blog, thank you for popping on mine and remind me.He looks ripe for spoiling that little fluff ball, enjoy him !!! Big hugs M xxx


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