Monday 4 July 2011

Something a little different today...

Good Morning!
Back to school today for all my children! Yay! Zack was sooo bored last week, but his chicken pox spots are all but gone now, thank goodness!
 I am off out today for my friend Mandi's birthday, can't tell you where as she doesn't know yet ;-) and then out tonight too for a joint 40th celebration, more on that later as I can't show anything on here 'till it's all gifted!
So, here is my something a bit different for you...
I had a few over ripe bananas last week and I decided to make a very simple and quick banana cake and I thought I would share the recipe here with you.
First of all cream together 4oz of butter and 4oz of caster sugar (it's an old book so in oz's) until pale and fluffy, 
Get a small child* to break and whisk 2 eggs, preferably keeping them in the bowl and not all down the cupboard!
 *child optional ;-)
add a little at a time (not all in one go, Zack) to creamed butter and sugar,
then rope in second small(ish) child* to weigh out and sift 4oz flour,
*again, child optional
add a tablespoon or so of said flour with last bit of egg, then stir in the rest.
Next get afore mentioned over ripe bananas (as many as you have, I had 6 but 2-4 would be fine too) and mash,
add to cake mix. Now, don't panic, but it may look like it has curdled but it will be fine, I promise :-)
and finally stir in that special something.. a bag of Waitrose Soft Tropical Fruit Medley, chopped into chunks. This turns this boring old banana cake into a really special cake :-)
bake for 40 or so minutes and voila!
it goes down really well and barely lasts a day or two in our house, I like mine warm from the oven with a perfect cup of fresh coffee!
I really hope you give this recipe a try, if you do please let me know how you get on and most importantly if you and yours like it :-)
Back tomorrow with some paper fun,
Thanks as ever for dropping by today,
Stampin' Hugs,

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  1. I've always got bananas going over in my fruit bowl - I usually have them mashed on toast (yummy!) but I think I'll try this next time. Always like to have a bit of cake nearby for when I get home! Thanks for the recipe Sarah-Jane!


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