Wednesday 23 November 2011

Julies Roomie Gift

Good Morning!
Super quick post today as I have a v-e-r-y long list of jobs to do today! That's what happens when you go off gallivanting to Paris though I suppose!! Lol!!
So, I promised you Julies roomie gift and it is very similar to Jo's as in it is the same gift but I have decorated Julies very differently.
Here, have a look...
Giant Peg first
As you can see I have used the gorgeous Aviary with the matching papers Nursery Nest
"Normal" sized pegs
and another scissor sharpener
and here they are all together, Now, I know I took some pics of these in their bags with the tags but I can't seem to find them anywhere, I will pop them on if and when I do though!!
Well, I am off now, got to get cracking!
Thanks for dropping by today :-D
Stampin' hugs,

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