Friday 4 February 2011

Ribbon Rose Tutorial

Hello there,
I love it when you make projects using my tutorials but please be sure to link back here and give credit when you make and post to your blog.
Thank-you for your understanding and I hope you enjoy this tutorial xx
Wow! What a fabulous response I have had to the little ribbon roses I have been making! I have had a few requests for a tutorial so always happy to help here we go :-) although I must warn you in advance this is a long post with lots of pictures!
Lets begin, this is what you need...
3/4" circle punch (you can also use 1" for a larger version), ribbon, card in matching colour to your chosen ribbon, double sided tape, scissors and (optional) rhinestones to finish,

tape up a piece of card and punch out, it will be stiff as the tape sticks to the punch a little :-)

tie a knot as close to the end of the ribbon as you can, leaving it on the reel so you have no waste,
remove tape and stick the knot into the middle of the card tucking the ends under,
fold and twist around in a circle as shown,
when you have covered the circle, stick another piece of tape underneath, cut and stick the ribbon end to it,
and here is the finished flower, blinged up and stuck in the centre of a large flower here but it also looks good on it's own, see here and here for some others,
Well, I hope this is helpful to some of you. I think they are pretty, simple and a little bit of fun to make, if you have a go then please send me your pictures, if you blog them then I would greatly appreciate a link from yours back to this tutorial :-D
I will be back tomorrow with what I made with this pretty flower. Well, I couldn't let it go to waste once I had made it could I??
Stampin' Hugs,


  1. That looks fab SJ, thanks for sharing and will definately have a go :)
    Marlene x

  2. YAY!!! That is amazing so glad you posted this and can't wait to give it a try!!! xx

  3. Fabby tutorial SJ, will have to have a go - the card you sent me with the one on looks amazing, so touchy, feely!! love it x

  4. Thanks for this tutorial. I have only recently started out in card making so any hints and tips are greatly appreciated! These flowers look fab and different to others I have seen. Great work!


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